Multichannel High-Capacity Connectivity Across Networks

Ultra ORION is a family of multichannel, multiband, point-to-point (PTP), point-to-multipoint (PMP) and mesh radio systems. Providing at-the-quick-halt (ATQH) and on-the-move (OTM) communications across multiple echelons, this family of radios offers operational flexibility within small form factors. A compact remote station is also available to extend the network at the tactical edge.

These multi-mission radios serve as high-capacity backhaul, backhaul repeater, range extension node, aggregation/distribution and access point, WLAN or remote station at the tactical edge. Based on a software-defined radio platform, Ultra ORION maximizes flexibility to support various missions while reducing training costs and supporting logistics. An extended library of waveforms allows the radio to operate in high-threat environments, support land, overwater and aerial communications and perform equally well in line-of-sight (LOS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications. The numerous tactical modes of the radio include interoperability with thousands of previously fielded HCLOS radios across the world.

The ORION family of software-defined radio (SDR) solutions is designed to enable reliable high-capacity communications for land, sea and air operations with over 50 different tactical modes including interoperability with thousands of previously fielded HCLOS radios across the world.

X500 Series

The X500 is a series of high-capacity multi-mission, 3-channel radios that offer up to 1 Gbps throughput.

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X510 Series

The X510 is a series of high capacity multi-mission, 2-channel radios. Very compact in size, the X510 is ideal for units that are rapidly deployed at the edge or in vehicles.

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