Legacy Products: AN/GRC-245 HCLOS

Combat proven performance & reliability now with tri-band capabilities

The AN/GRC-245 radio provides full-duplex operation in Band 1 (225 to 400 MHz), Band 3+ (1350 to 2690 MHz) and Band 4 (4400 to 5000 MHz). The radio consists of a baseband unit (BBU) containing the modem and power supply, a dual-band (Band 1 & 3+) RF unit (RFU) and/or a Band 4 RF unit. The Band 1/3+ RFU can be configured to provide a single band capability if required. The HCLOS Spectrum Scan allows the operator to verify that the allocated channel is clear and to determine the spectrum occupancy in the area, as seen by the radio, before setting up a link. The HCLOS RFUs are completely weatherproof and can be deployed outside of the shelter. Using a single coaxial cable, the Band 1/3+ RFU can be deployed at the base of the mast up to 150 m from the BBU to increase the range capability of the transmission system. The Band 4 RFU is a mast mounted unit that can also be deployed with 150 m separation from the base band unit. The mast mount unit interfaces to an external dish or flat panel antenna.

Key features

  • Tri-Band radio system: Band 1, 3+ & 4
  • Guaranteed high throughput at long range
  • Up to 34 Mbps full duplex traffic rate
  • Accepts any combination of traffic inputs:
  • Up to Two Digital Trunk Groups
  • One Ethernet 10/1000BaseT interface (IP)
  • Modular Software Architecture radio - battle proven SCA V2.2
  • IPV4 and IPV6 SNMP Control