Ultra Electronics, TCS’ New Spinning DF Based ELINT/ESM System Delivered

Spinning Direction Finding (DF) antenna based ELINT/ESM system for ground mobile applications.

April 08, 2014 - Montreal, Canada — Ultra Electronics, TCS is pleased to announce the recent delivery of new Spinning Direction Finding (DF) antenna based ELINT/ESM system for ground mobile applications to a prominent international customer.  The system, known as the ULR-501 provides Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) via a Spinning DF antenna coupled with a state of the art superheterodyne receiver and processor and an Electronic Support Measures (ESM) capability using an omnidirectional antenna with an Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (IFM) receiver.  The complete system provides long range intercept combined with very high Probability of Intercept (POI) and DF capability.

Jim Rose, Director & GM, EW Systems, Ultra Electronics, TCS, commented: “We are extremely excited about our new Spinning DF ELINT system.  It has world leading specifications for sensitivity and DF accuracy and exceptional system performance which has met all of our customer’s needs”.

The ULR-501 system is tailored for ground mobile applications and successfully completed customer acceptance trials in hot and humid conditions.  The hardware has been designed and developed for use in both ground mobile and airborne applications.

Paul Zweers, Vice-President, Ultra Electronics, TCS, commented: “The rollout of our newest ground mobile ELINT/ESM system underlines the continued expansion of our EW portfolio into land, sea and air environments.”

About Ultra Electronics, TCS
Part of the Ultra Electronics Group, TCS provides advanced and vertically integrated C4ISR and EW systems for ground, airborne and naval applications around the globe. Ultra Electronics, TCS is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with facilities in Ottawa and the United States. Its products and services play a major role in the C4ISR and EW ecosystems for defence, security and public safety applications. Ultra Electronics, TCS supplies high-capacity communications, IP networking, C2 support, ISR network convergence, electronic & signal intelligence and electronic counter measure solutions.

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