Serge Harnois Attends Wireless Innovation Forum in Montreal

Ultra Electronics a Key Sponsor of the Event

In September 2011, Ultra Electronics, TCS sponsored the 70th Wireless Innovation Forum Working Meeting in Montreal. The official theme of the conference's main workshop was “Enabling Interoperability” and representatives of several countries were present from the public safety and military sectors.

During a typical day, up to four working sessions were simultaneously happening, with some covering the subject of interoperability for different technology domains such as cognitive radio, security, software communication architecture (SCA), etc…

As an example, during the cognitive radio sessions we discussed the possibility to use the XML standard for the knowledge base. The standardization of the knowledge base infrastructure would facilitate the exchange of information over the air and to enable interoperability.  As an early adopter of SCA, Ultra noted that several participants talked about using SCA not for market or waveform compatibility reasons but because of the advantages of adopting a more disciplined and modular software development process.

During the workshop panel session on the main theme, Denis Couillard, Director of Product Innovation at Ultra pointed out that interoperable waveforms will typically yield lower performance due to competitive compromises and to the time required to reach consensus.  Future SDR will likely have fewer capabilities interoperable and legacy waveforms together with at least one high performance proprietary waveform. Suppliers naturally strive to offer such best of breed performance to differentiate their products and generate greater sales. Ultra also believes SDR should be complemented by non radio-centric solutions to offer interoperability similar to the ruggedized Universal Gateway the company has been integrating to its tactical communication systems and solutions.

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