Land: Wide Area Security

Robust tactical C4ISR and EW systems that empower headquarters, air defense networks and field command posts. These reliable systems provide access to vital information, where and when it is needed.

Today’s warfighter expects rapid and easy access to critical mission data anytime, anywhere.  With the increasing reliance on situational awareness information, sensor data, biometric information and collaboration tools, demand for bandwidth has increased exponentially. The ability to quickly deploy a secure, high capacity communications backbone over a wide area enables sharing of the Common Operating Picture (COP) across all echelons to better support decision making and mission success.

Ultra Electronics TCS provides high-capacity software-defined radio products for fixed, at-the-quick-halt and on-the-move operations to meet today’s C4ISR requirements. TCS’ secure and reliable backhaul communication solutions are suited for operations in any terrain or environment, support high-capacity IP networks and are interoperable with thousands of radios already fielded in tactical communication and ISR networks. TCS’ secure communication systems are used by commanders as a force multiplier to increase air defense systems coverage and minimize reaction time. These radio systems can operate in multiple frequency bands and are supported by a large portfolio of waveforms as well as best-in-class Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM) protection and jamming resilience. TCS’ EW solutions enhance situational awareness by rapidly identifying units using radar which can be countered with TCS’ Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) systems.

Suited for:

  • Strategic command & backbone networks
  • Headquarters and tactical command posts
  • Brigade to company communications
  • Air defense systems