Land: Mobile Deployments

Quickly deployable, on-the-move capable systems for troops and vehicles deployed around the world. TCS’ C4ISR products and EW systems are an optimal balance between performance and portability. Whether it is for reconnaissance, surveillance or expeditionary warfare, TCS’ solutions meet the most demanding requirements.

While every mission is different, there is a growing need for real-time on-the-move access and sharing of information (live video, messaging, high-definition pictures, VoIP, etc.) between the edge of battle and battalion headquarters. TCS’ secure communication systems provide the high levels of throughput and frequency agility needed to support a wide range of operational scenarios and IP-based services.  The solutions meet the requirements of the military while supporting various COTS terminals and smart devices. TCS traffic management technology optimizes use of precious SATCOM resources to complement the solution with BLOS capability.

Ultra Electronics TCS provides quickly deployable communication systems, delivering reliable communications to the tactical edge and enabling soldiers’ access to information when and where they need it. Solutions can be adapted to missions, incorporate cutting-edge military or commercial broadband technologies and ensure a broad range of frequencies to suit the environment.

TCS’ EW portable systems provide rapid deployment of both ELINT and COMINT systems. This enables deployment of EW capability in previously inaccessible areas such as mountainous terrain. These systems are designed for man portable operation as well as vehicular deployment.

Suited for:

  • Broadband to the edge
  • Force projection
  • Tactical surveillance and reconnaissance missions
  • Expeditionary warfare
  • Land and amphibious operations