Land: Border Protection

TCS’ solutions help protect borders and enable the convergence of all available ISR data to minimize reaction time. Border patrol and surveillance are more effective with TCS’ fixed and mobile C4ISR solutions.

TCS' multi-channel radio capability makes it ideal to rapidly deploy a border surveillance network.  A single radio can simultaneously provide for a long range mobility bubble to reach sensors and patrols at the edge and serve as its own backhaul service. Multiband Wi-Fi is also provided to allow local access to the network traffic via a tablet or a smartphone. 

The TCS radio’s robust overwater and NLOS waveforms also means that the operational environment can be coastal and sea-based interceptors can be supported. High-capacity multi-channel radios can simultaneously support overwater or ground based mobile operations while still providing a microwave communication backbone between sensor towers, sites and crafts.

TCS’ ELINT and ESM systems greatly enhance surveillance capabilities by providing precise information on the type and movement of radars or threats on the other side of a border. TCS’ COMINT systems provide rapid monitoring of both traditional and emerging communications technology with the ability to identify, record, DF and analyse signals of interest.

Suited for:

  • Border patrol on-the-move communications
  • Radar surveillance, video monitoring, ELINT and ESM
  • High capacity backhaul for all environments
  • Advanced visual surveillance systems