Air: Network Extension

Communications are no longer bound by conventional propagation rules.  With new low cost unmanned aircraft coming into play, range/network extension is easily achievable. TCS’ communication systems can support network extension capabilities across multiple platforms.

Today’s warfighter expects rapid and easy access to critical mission data anytime, anywhere.  With the increasing reliance on situational awareness, sensor & biometric information and collaboration tools, demand for bandwidth has increased exponentially.  However, terrestrial high capacity radio links can be sensitive to obstruction and path attenuation.

Ultra Electronics TCS radio communication products support high system gain waveforms that provide high-capacity beyond-line-of-sight connectivity through fixed or on-the-move aerial relays, or even as a base station in the sky. Because TCS provides multichannel technology, a single radio can serve as a single band or cross band repeater or a base station with its own reach back communication link.  As demand for capacity and mobility increases, TCS and its university research chair at École de Technologies Supérieure (ÉTS) continues to invest in innovative technologies that leverage unmanned aerial systems to deliver aerial relaying when and where you need it.

Suited for:

  • Aerial relay and airborne base stations
  • Aerostats, high-altitude airships and helicopters
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Ground based, ship-to-ship, or ship-to-shore range extension